Veteran Sherman Review: One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles (EUC)

Are you wondering whether you should buy the Veteran Sherman EUC? Even if you already own the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle, you may still want affirmation that you made the right choice. When you’re spending more than $3,000 on an electric device through an online retailer, you are wise to take all opinions under consideration.

In this article, I share my experience riding the Veteran Sherman.

Key Points: Should You Buy the Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle?

I have the latest version of the “Sherman” EUC, which elevated pedal hangers, 60mm wide rims, waterproof top LCD panel, and the most recent firmware update for the controller.

I also have ridden my Veteran Sherman stock with and without side pads or spiked pedals. You can see my test review and thoughts about upgrading spike pedals on EUCs in this article.

I have ridden my Veteran Sherman (latest version) for over 1000 miles and it has never let me down. It goes where I want to go, no matter what terrain I am riding on.

The wide 20″ wheel with 3+ inch width tires gives it a versatility that can’t be matched by other models in its class. You might think that because the Veteran Sherman is heavier than some models, it would be sluggish or not as good at technical mountain bike tracks but in reality these obstacles just make the ride more challenging!

For those of you who are on the fence about buying an electric unicycle, this article is for you.

Veteran Sherman (late-2021 version): Feature Set

Here is the specification set of the Veteran Sherman that I ride and review below.

  • Wide 60mm rim, updated and elevated pedal hangers, waterproofed top panel
  • Shipped with the knobby Kenda 262 tire (what I ride with)
  • Made by former Gotway Engineers, desiring the ultimate high-performance 20″ Wheel for the “Veteran Rider”
  • Largest 3,200Wh battery capacity pack, 2,500W motor
  • Integrated dashboard displaying speed, mileage, battery state of charge
  • Total weight 77lbs
  • Top speed ~45 mph
  • Integrated display for speed, battery, voltage and more!
  • Max load for rider weight 330lbs
  • Range ~128 miles under optimal conditions


The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - beach ride
At the beach…the looks you get are often of bewilderment and awe. Whether that’s because the Veteran Sherman looks cool, or I do, I’m not sure. But, does it matter?
The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - parking sign
Parking my Veteran Sherman on “this side of the street”. For such a powerful electric device, the Veteran Sherman is compact. It’s smaller than any bicycle you’ve ridden.
The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - park and farm
Farmland, off road, wherever you want to go for a new or familiar adventure, this machine will take you there on a single, powerful wheel.
The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - spec page

Forget Math: The Veteran Sherman…. Eats Your Cynicism

When it comes to pure road warrior prowess, at this moment, nothing can compete with the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle. Yes, there are more powerful EUCs with bigger motors, larger diameter wheels, and even larger batteries. But, an EUC is more than the sum of its parts. The Veteran Sherman is the total package. Everything works together to give you way more than the spec sheet reveals.

Here are three adjectives to describe my experience testing and riding the Veteran Sherman.

  • Stable
  • Adventurous
  • Loyal

The wide 60mm rims with knobby tires, elevated pedal hangers add more versatility to your riding experience. I’ve never had a problem with this wheel set. I’m an average 165-170lb rider and ride fairly aggressively with a tire pressure of 33-35 PSI. The experience I’ve had with this EUC has been nothing short of a smile-maker. More my riding experience below.

I’ve put the water resilient top panel to the test through heavy rain and rolling through 2-4″ deep puddles at 15+mph. So far, I’ve had zero problems getting this wet from the occasional puddle splash through. Disclaimer: I’m not advocating your purposely get your EUC wet. Be careful when it’s slippery! You’ve only got a single wheel to keep you upright. 😅

The lovely LED display is easy to see from standing height. A quick downward glance gives you speed and a good sense of remaining battery life (which seems to never go down on this EUC). Sure, at 77lbs (or more with upgrades), the Veteran Sherman is heavy. But, it is no heavier than the other performance unicycles on the market, or the future EUC releases come tomorrow.

Be prepared to stand or sit on this electric unicycle for more than 3-5 hours with the huge range of the Veteran Sherman. I’ve also had trouble running this down below 70% in a single day of hard riding through trails in my neighborhood.

At face value, one look at this beast of a machine will tell you everything you need to know. Forget the mumbo jumbo math for a second. Look at it!!!

The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - side shot photo
The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - product shot side

It’s so easy to write about spec sheets and stats when it comes to electronic gadgets. But, with electric unicycles (EUCs), the riding experience is what ultimately gives value to the device. Going places on a single, wheel is a nearly indescribable pleasure.

Let’s take all the technical fluff and put it into context of why the Veteran Sherman is so popular, and why I highly-recommend this EUC.

  1. Stability
  2. Range
  3. Weight
  4. Low and High Speed Cornering and Control
  5. Sound Signature (Knobby Tire)
  6. Night Riding
  7. Sense of Safety
  8. Durability
  9. Affective, Emotional Impact

1. Stability

The Veteran Sherman electric unicycle was amazing for stability. I’ve ridden it on the street and off road, and it handles like it knows where I want to go. The wide tires, combined with its low slung weight make riding the Veteran Sherman easy. Yes, it takes getting used to this particular EUC, but once you do, the Veteran Sherman is super comfortable at nearly any speed.

I’ll note that the low end torque can be a bit of a disappointment for some riders who are used to other performance EUCs. But, the stability of the Sherman at low speeds, along with the weight distribution of the internal components, e.g., batteries, motor, lower pedals make this a smooth ride with good power.

2. Range

A huge 3,200wh battery means that I’ve never run out on the days I’ve gone on long rides. Even those 3-4 hour cruises on bike trails in my town don’t require that I bring my charger. I simply charge up the night before and take off the next day. No range anxiety is a breath of fresh air.

If you crave speed and want the longest range EUC (or at least one of them), the Sherman is a top shelf choice EUC. It is nearly impossible to match the smooth riding experience along with the 80-100 mile expected range.

I’ll note that there are dual input charge ports in the Veteran Sherman. So, even if you discharge your entire battery capacity, you have the option of charging back up at up to 12 amps (total max rating for the Veteran Sherman). Though, if you’re not in a rush, I do recommend you charge at a slower rate (lower amperage) to ensure the longevity of your batteries in the Sherman.

3. Weight

The Veteran Sherman is heavy at over 77lbs with all the pads, pedals, and things I’ve added to it. But even so, I’m riding it almost all the time. The only time I need to bodily lift the EUC is when I’m taking into the car or up and down a flight of stairs. The Sherman has a roll bar cage that doubles as a convenient hand-hold for lifting the machine.

With both arms I get where I need to go with it. When riding, the Veteran Sherman’s weight works to your advantage, providing stability and confidence over bumps that might throw other lightweight EUCs off track.

Both beginner EUC and experienced riders will love how the weight of the Veteran Sherman is balanced, which creates a super stable cruiser.

4. Low and High Speed Cornering

My earliest concerns with the Veteran Sherman is its famous capability for going fast. The motor is wound for speed, and works most efficiently when you’re riding fast over 20mph. But, I wanted a wheel that can roll easily at pedestrian walking speeds, under 3mph. This is important for safety and control when you’re around other people in crowded places, e.g., sidewalks or bike trails.

Well, my concerns were unfounded because the Veteran Sherman glides effortlessly at very low speeds. I can ride the Veteran Sherman and maintain full control at pedestrian walking speeds, easily. This I think is due to the wide tires and laterally balanced design. The low pedal height means that the machine is responsive, but not so much that it “twitches” with every move.

At high speeds, the Veteran Sherman requires input from my entire body to turn and hold a corner. The EUC likes being upright, so you have to pretend you’re a skier, and use your hips to counter-steer and maintain alternating pedal pressure to take sweeping carving turns.

The exhilaration of cornering at higher speeds comes from this full-body engagement of the wheel, as well as you knowing that the Veteran Sherman is planted to the ground. It’s confidence inspiring. I’m barely able to describe how cool it is to enter a curve, ride through it, and accelerate out with this electric unicycle smoothly responding to your power demands.

Ride modes for the Veteran Sherman include a soft mode, which gives the EUC a pedal dip during acceleration or braking. The medium mode stiffens the ride, and with the new firmware and updated pedal hangers in EUC versions after 2021, the super stable ride translates into smooth low and high speed cornering.

I’ll note that in cornering and turns, although hard mode produces the strongest response in the pedals (keeping them flat), I find that I need to use a lot of my body to maneuver the heavy weight of the Sherman. This makes riding the Sherman in hard mode tiring and a bit uncomfortable.

I think soft or medium ride modes are the best choices for using the power in the Sherman. And, if you don’t like pedal dip, sticking with the Medium ride mode is my recommendation.

5. Sound Signature (knobby tires)

At anything over 10mph, the knobby tires on the Veteran Sherman buzz along pavement. If I had to describe it, I would say that as you accelerate, it’s almost like the Sherman has a small jet engine that is humming under you. Every input you place on the EUC returns a sound signature that tells you how fast you’re doing, whether you’re slowing down or going faster.

The noise register of the Sherman and knobby tire is quite endearing in my opinion. It adds to the experience. Sound is that other physical sensation that not many talk about with the Veteran Sherman (unless you’re watching on YouTube).

A great side benefit of the humming is that people on bike trails or wherever can hear you coming (and going). For bikers, they already sense your arrival and starting moving out of the way.

I always call out my passes, but with the Veteran Sherman it’s often redundant. I will say that I don’t think the noise of the tire noise is scary or obnoxious like a dirt bike or motorcycle might be; The Veteran Sherman is quite a unique vehicle because the tires are the only thing you hear. I wonder what it would be like to ride with street tires. A stealthy tank?

6. Night Riding

I ride a lot at night. With my old 16x, I usually brought extra lights that I wear on my body or around my neck, as well as a headlamp on my helmet if it’s particularly moonless.

The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - neck light
Bright and convenient, I wear these when I am out and about at night in the woods. You can wear these lights around your neck, which lets you wear any helmet you want without dealing with straps, tape, or velcro attachments.


The Veteran Sherman has a headlamp that rivals any that I’ve had on my e-bikes. The Sherman’s front light has a wide, high lumen beam (~1,500 lumens), which rivals the lights on some mopeds on the market. Suffice it to say, you’ll be able to rely on the Veteran Sherman’s lighting system for all your night riding needs.

The tail light on the Veteran Sherman is bright enough for most uses at night. It is visible from distance away.Of course, if you’re on open streets, you’ll likely want more visibility so cars can see you. In that case, I do suggest reflectors (which I have on many on my VS) and other lighting accessories.

7. Sense of Safety

If you’re not doing stunts, riding at obscene speeds (>30-35mph), the Veteran Sherman is fantastic for feeling safe on an EUC. Compared to other smaller EUCs I’ve ridden, even the suspension wheels, I’ve always felt in control. In the rare times I’ve slipped, usually on bad roads or on technical terrain, I’m able to hop off easily. I’m already really low to the ground.

I will note that I do not ride sitting on my Veteran Sherman. This is the one posture I would not feel safe doing on any EUC. Emergency stopping or recovering from a bump in the road has been much harder to do while seated.

But, while standing and riding the Veteran Sherman like a downhill skier across asphalt (up and downhill) has been wonderful because I feel confident that I can control where the machine goes and how it will react to the external environment.

The times I don’t feel safe is when I’m trying to manhandle the machine going downhill on single track path with loose gravel. But, I’m not sure of many who would think that’s a great position to be in on an 70 lb+ wheel with no suspension and a single tire for traction.

There are speed limit settings on the Veteran Sherman. I haven’t turned this on at all, and ride without speed limits on my wheel. The top speed of the Veteran Sherman with a 170lb rider is about 45mph. Depending on max load of course, this top speed may be lower or higher.

I don’t recommend riding more than 20-25mph on the Sherman EUC unless you’re one of those experienced riders with hundreds of miles of ride time behind you.

If you’re concerned with over speeding on the EUC, then you can have speed limit settings set to anything you like with the built-in control panel.

8. Durability

I’ve dropped my Veteran Sherman many times. Sometimes the drops are hard enough to bonk my frame sliders off, requiring a readjustment of the screws on the clamps. I’ve ridden my Veteran Sherman through dirt, mud puddles where water sloshes inches deep. In a heavy downpour, the Sherman survived, as well.

No water penetration through the waterproofed top panel. Opening up the side panels after riding through heavy rain also revealed no water ingress into the battery compartments, either.

In fact, after several inspections over the months, I’ve found the inside of my Veteran Sherman to be clean and clear of any dust, dirt, or debris. This is another testament to the build quality on my copy of the Veteran Sherman.

The VS has a roll cage which protects the shell around the entire wheel. The roll cage is a unique features of Veteran EUCs, which provides protection to an EUC at top speed or low speed drops and gives you attachment points for accessories. I know people use motorcycle frame sliders on their VS roll cage to augment drop protection of the Sherman.

Although there is always concern with overheating with any performance electric unicycles, the Sherman EUC has dual cooling fans and a short circuit protection controller for maintaining its high battery capacity.

9. Affective, Emotional Impact

Opinions are mixed on the Sherman. There are some who enjoy the reliability and ride quality of the Sherman, while others dismiss it as a mediocre product, e.g., broken rim issues and such. But, overall, this is the EUC that gives you all the feels of flying at low altitude with a jetpack strapped to your feet a la Iron Man.

For me, there’s no denying that in terms of reliability, durability and ride quality, this is one of the best electric unicycles out there. The ability to go off-road and on all types of sidewalks makes it one of my favorite rides.

For those who collect or have shot firearms, stepping on the Veteran Sherman gives you that same fearful respect of wielding a device that can impact the world around you. A machine that by mere changes in toe-heel pressure can take you from mundane walking speeds to breaking the speed limit in a school zone is empowering beyond words. It’s almost cliche.

Look, riding any EUC is hard. The Veteran Sherman is no beginner wheel. If you don’t respect it’s weight, power, and simple tenacity to “go”, you can hurt yourself. Respect the wheel, but tame your feelings as you ride.

Putting it all together, I’ve found my copy of the Sherman Electric Unicycle is well-made and reliable. It’s an all around capable EUC which has served me in good stead since day one. It’s awesome, and the thrill hasn’t diminished riding it after hundreds of miles.

The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - off road trail
Riding off the beaten path, sorta.

A Word About the Knobby Tire on the Veteran Sherman

When I ordered my Veteran Sherman, I asked for it to be shipped with knobby tires (Kenda 262). This is a high-performance tire that provides stable traction and has an aggressive tread pattern – perfect for any terrain. My experience riding this electric unicycle in steep elevation was very smooth and confident.

The knobby Kenda tire that is on my Veteran Sherman has given me a lot of traction while riding in dirt hills or going off-road through trails. This tire seems to be very durable, as I have gone through several miles on my Veteran Sherman without replacing it.

The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - knobby tire
Knobby tires look cool, too.

The Kenda tire is made of a high-quality rubber compound and has an aggressive tread pattern for maximum traction. The knobby design provides extra grip when going through dirt or mud while also protecting the wheel from rocks that might get lodged into the tire’s grooves.

The wide 60mm rim that is on the Veteran Sherman gives it a lot of stability while riding in steep hills or off-road conditions. Combined with an elevated pedal hanger, this electric unicycle also provides excellent maneuverability when going through tight spaces such as tree roots and rocks that are protruding from the ground.  

Overall, I’m super happy I got the knobby tire for my Veteran Sherman. Despite my curiosity about the street tire, since I do ride a lot on pavement, I may stick with the knobby treads for any replacements in the future.

Is the Veteran Sherman “Future Proofed” Against New Electric Unicycles Coming Out?

There are new electric unicycle releases all the time.

Look all electronic devices go obsolete over time. That’s the nature of the technological consumer market. But, let’s think about it. Apple comes out with new iPhones every, single, year. Do you buy a new $1000 smartphone every year, too?

I don’t. My current smartphone does it all. And, it’s already 3-4 years old. It’s not markedly slower than the newest models. All my software works fine on it. Sure, the display isn’t as sharp, or as crisp. It doesn’t have the latest and greatest fancy camera on it.

Okay, my point being that with EUCs, it’s the same. Every new EUC will be better at some spec, e.g., motor power, battery, suspension. But, the principle action of an EUC is your movement, control, and confidence on a single motorized wheel.

The Veteran Sherman (Review): One of the Most Capable Electric Unicycles - Veteran Sherman Review - old vs new
Old versus new

Movement, control, and confidence on an EUC do not change. These are a universal pillars of all decent EUC design. You must move, have control (e.g., this includes comfort), and be confident. Does your current EUC do all these things? If so, then everything is extraneous and I dare say, a luxury. More speed, more range are a far 2nd priority to “good EUC” design.

To the main question, is the Veteran Sherman still relevant in a market full of “more advanced electric unicycles”? I think the easy answer is yes. But, how confidently anyone of us can say “yes, the Veteran is still a great value”, depends on what YOU WANT in an electric unicycle.

Maybe the more relevant question is whether you’d buy the Veteran Sherman at its current cost 2-3 years from now. I expect you will not unless the price reflects changes in the market demand, and with the available innovations at that future date.

If the Veteran Sherman had a lower price that fell linearly with new innovation, e.g., more powerful motors with lighter weight components, suspension unicycles with similar power, range, and torque, high voltage battery, etc., then the choice becomes harder.

Is it possible that the Veteran Sherman becomes the new mid-tier, starter wheel? It happened to the Inmotion V10F, which once reigned supreme… my how fast this niche moves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What company makes the Veteran Sherman?

Leaperkim makes the Veteran Sherman.

How fast can the Veteran Sherman go?

The Veteran Sherman’s top speed of 45 miles per hour is way more than most will need. But, this high top speed gives you the headroom to ride comfortably high cruising speeds 35-40mph with plenty of headroom before the motor struggles to keep you upright. Remember to gear up!

What is a Veteran Sherman?

The Veteran Sherman, the newest electric unicycle to hit the market, is a testament to everything that’s great electric powered machines. This veritable tank of an electric unicycle is one of the most powerful unicycles available, with a wide range of fantastic features and quality-of-life upgrades that make it a wonderful investment.

How do you calibrate a Veteran Sherman?

This video is the best setup tutorial for how to calibrate your Veteran Sherman. All the calibration you need to do is performed through the integrated display on the Veteran Sherman EUC.

Final Word

So, what do you think? Still on the fence about the Veteran Sherman? I totally understand. It’s a big, hefty wheel with a price tag to boot. I hope my perspective and experience with the Veteran Sherman over many, many miles gave you more thoughts to chew on. I absolutely love my Veteran Sherman EUC, and would recommend as a high performance alternative to any King Song, Inmotion, or Begode wheels.

If you enjoyed this write up, let me know! I’d love to hear from other EUC riders on their thoughts about this wheel, or others you’ve considered riding (or are currently cruising with).

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