New Electric Unicycles 2021 (Abrams, S20, Commander, Hero): What We Know!

All specifications are subject to change when production models are released to the public. Even after release, specifications may update as rider’s provide feedback to manufacturers. This is what we know as of this writing.

All vendors in the United States are taking preorders for these electric unicycles.

Veteran Abrams (Leaper Kim)

  • 22″ knobby tire
  • 2,700Wh Samsung 21700 50E battery pack,
  • >2,500W motor, 50MPH max speed, higher torque than Sherman
  • All new modular construction
  • 88 lb net weight 
New Electric Unicycles 2021 (Abrams, S20, Commander, Hero): What We Know! - abrams veteran leaperkim

The Abrams is a new electric unicycle, designed and created by Leaperkim, makers of the venerated Veteran Sherman. Weighing 88 pounds, the Abrams can fit in the back of any sedan (a standard sized car) and can achieve speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. It’s high torque and performance specifications makes it ideal for those looking for motor power without sacrificing range! This looks to be an upgrade in the torque department as compared to the Veteran Sherman, a wheel designed for over-road speed.

The Abrams is equipped with an energy efficient 2,700Wh Samsung 21700 50E battery pack. This may enable the wheel to run between 60-70 miles on a single charge, depending on rider weight, ambient conditions, and terrain, etc. Charging time will depend on the charger (standard or fast charger TBD).

Rumors suggest modular components. If this hold true, it would change the way EUC’s are repaired or even upgraded. In the latter, this could help future-proof the wheel since it would be possible to have swappable batteries, or make it easy to do quick tire changes (which would be amazing!).

Expect the Veteran Abrams to ship later this year Q3-Q4 2021

Begode Commander

  • Choice of 20″ street/knobby tire
  • 3,600Wh Samsung 21700 50E cells (our improved battery packs)
  • 2,800W motor, >50MPH max speed, available in either HS/HT motor types
  • Includes fitted CNC pedals 
  • 85 lb net weight
New Electric Unicycles 2021 (Abrams, S20, Commander, Hero): What We Know! - begode commander

The Begode Commander Electric Unicycle is the culmination of many months worth of customer feedback and a year of development. The following is our hope for this EUC, as it looks like a high-quality (or better-quality) machine from Begode that has a brutalistic, modern design reminiscent of the Veteran Sherman. Given it’s specifications, this has the potential to be the fastest and longest range EUC in the market this coming year.

I hope that this sets a new bar for Begode wheels which despite their impressive speed and power, are not known for quality builds on most of their wheels, e.g., poor battery management, fragile shell design.

The Commander features new updates to the battery sizes, which we expect will vastly improve power delivery and range. At 3,600Wh with a 2,800w motor, the Commander should boast speeds of up to or greater than 50MPH. Both High Speed and High Torque motor options will be available, depending on your riding style, e.g., off road, pavement, street riding.

The inclusion of larger fitted CNC pedals will make it easy for riders who want more surface area for standing for long period of time. It is unclear of these are spiked pedals. At 85 pounds, we hope this electric unicycle has an decent weight distribution to make it to handle in turns and while riding slow.

Other features may include Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to control your unicycle from an app on your phone while keeping both hands free. Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor battery life as well as speed while enjoying adjustable, LED lights from the EUC itself?

In general, I expect the Commander is the ideal choice for anyone looking for performance, range, and power in a (hopefully) durable, high-quality build.

Expect the Begode Commander to ship later this year Q3-Q4 2021

Begode Hero Electric Unicycle

  • 20″ Wheel Diameter
  • 1800Wh 100V Battery
  • 2800W High Torque Motor
  • ~35+mph Top Speed
  • S18-like Suspension System!
  • 78 lb Weight
New Electric Unicycles 2021 (Abrams, S20, Commander, Hero): What We Know! - begode hero

The Begode Hero electric unicycle recently released specifications. In a nutshell, it is a full suspension electric unicycle with the motor power specifications near that of the EXN electric unicycle. This makes it one of the most powerful EUCs on the market in terms of torque output. With a 2,800W motor with high torque cabling, we expect this wheel to not only climb hills, but have the ability accelerate while under heavier loads than other wheels.

Of course, this begs the question whether suspension in an electric unicycle worth it?

Of course, with all torque motor builds, this electric unicycle does not appear to have the range or speed of other wheels released in the coming year. With a 1,800wh battery capacity, I expect it’s range to be under 50 miles for most riding conditions, e.g., rider weight, terrain, average speed. On the other hand, looking at its specifications, the suspension system is certainly an upgrade of the company’s prior offering in the EX, which had a disappointing reception last year.

Using the air-shock design first pioneered in the Kingsong S18, the Begode Hero may have the best in class suspension design of all the EUC’s on the market today. Perhaps, until the Kingsong S20 is revealed.

Expect the Begode Hero to ship later this year Q3-Q4 2021

King Song S20 Eagle (aka S22)

  • 20″ Wheel Diameter
  • 2200 126V Battery
  • 3300W High Torque Motor
  • 44+mph Top Speed
  • DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm shock with 130mm of travel
  • Adjustable power pads
  • Integrated top display, e.g., speed, kickstand, and pivoting headlights
  • Comes with 6A charger (10A fast charger available)
  • 66lb/35kg weight
  • Estimated price of $3,200 (eWheels)
New Electric Unicycles 2021 (Abrams, S20, Commander, Hero): What We Know! - kingsong s20

Featuring a motorcycle-like suspension design with 130mm of travel, the King Song S20 Eagle Electric Unicycle is capable of reaching speeds up to 44+ mph. The integrated ergonomic seat appears comfortable and makes it stand out from other unicycle designs. With a 2200 126V battery , I expect the range of S20 Eagle Electric Unicycle of over 50-60 miles under normal riding conditions.

The high torque 3300W motor will make this a monster for acceleration, hill climbing, and general off road goodness. Pair this motor power with a large 20″ diameter wheel and high ground clearance, this is going to be a technical off road riders dream EUC. And, let’s throw in the spike pedals that come standard.

This is a very exciting time in the EUC community. The Kingsong S20 brings the entire line up of new wheels to a whole different level.


With all the new electric unicycles releasing this coming few months, there appears to be a huge change in the direction of design, specificiation, and of course, price! Most of these new wheels I expect will cost over $3000 or more. Some confirmed prices put new electric unicycles in the territory of actual cars and motorcycles. Is this the direction this niche market is taking with the “hobby”?

Sure, all these new electric unicycles are getting incredible power, range, and even suspension upgrades as compared with models of yesteryear. The Begode Hero features a powerful motor and suspension system that should allow it to climb hills with ease, while the Commander will have an impressive range that could beat some real electric cars on the road, e.g., Nissan Leaf.

I’m keeping our eye out for more details about these new wheels as they are released later in the year. Which wheel do you think would best suit your needs? What EUC are you most excited about?

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