Welcome to Everything Electric Unicycle!

I’ve been riding electric unicycles for a long time, and wanted to finally put down all my thoughts about these amazing machines on paper. What began as a dabbling hobby, a cute niche to do on my driveway, became an obsession, and now I’m a self-proclaimed “EUC addict.”

I love to tinker and learn about gadgets. I’m not content to merely play with the toy; I need to break them apart to see how they tick. The same goes for EUCs which–in my mind–are simple devices with infinite possibilities.

Of course, the EUC industry is constantly changing, with new iterations on the same principle of self-balancing mobility on a single wheel. But like the rest of this site, my intention is not to discuss specific brands or models–rather, I want to give you a look into what’s going on with electric unicycles.

I’d like to give you big concepts, illustrate the landscape, and skip all the mathematical mumbo jumbo. Afterall, when you ride an EUC, you’re not thinking about numbers, watts, amps, or whatnot. You’re thinking about how much fun you’re having, and that’s my goal in this blog: to get across the capability of these machines, demonstrating that they are more than just kids’ toys. I also want to show people like me–geeks who love learning about tech and gadgets–that EUCs have so much more potential.

I hope you stick around, ask questions, and join me as I engage with this amazingly thrilling, obviously risky to some, electrified hobby.

Andrew 🖖😃