Begode Hero vs Kingsong S20 (S22) Eagle: A Suspension EUC Comparison

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This year Kingsong and Gotway/Begode have released two new suspension electric unicycles. Kingsong’s S20 Eagle is a great all-around unicycle with plenty of power to handle hills and rough terrain while the Begode Hero excels in similar areas with added durability without compromising on performance. With both companies having such attractive offerings, it can be hard to tell which one is “better.”

I’ve created this article as an attempt to compare these two models based on their specifications.

Here are my findings:

(Note: As of April 1, 2022, the Kingsong s20 is now referred to as the Kingsong S22. This is due to the iterative safety improvements to this EUC model)

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Begode Hero Electric Unicycle ($4,100)

  • 20″ Wheel Diameter
  • 1800Wh 100V Battery
  • 2800W High Torque Motor
  • ~35+mph Top Speed
  • S18-like Suspension System!
  • 78 lb Weight
  • Estimated price $4100 (ewheels)
Begode Hero vs Kingsong S20 Eagle: A Suspension EUC Comparison (2021) - Begode Hero

Throw out the technical mumbo jumbo and let’s break this down in a way that’s easy to understand.

The Begode Hero is powerful; it will climb hills (even with heavy loads) and accelerate when under a lot of stress. I’ll go as far as saying that this wheel has one of the best torque outputs on the market.

Of course it can’t do everything – for example, it won’t have long range or speed like other wheels coming out next year. For example, with its 1,800wh battery capacity, I expect its range to be under 50 miles for most riding conditions; e.g., normal rider weight, terrain, etc. But, range/speed doesn’t matter if a wheel serves its own niche perfectly—In this case, off roading or smoothing out life’s rough patches. 😉 Ride on!

That’s why I think the suspension on this wheel is going to be a game-changer with all this power. Of course, you’ll pay for it…

King Song S20 Eagle ($3,200)

  • 20″ Wheel Diameter
  • 2200 126V Battery
  • 3300W High Torque Motor
  • 44+mph Top Speed
  • DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm shock with 130mm of travel
  • Adjustable power pads
  • Integrated top display, e.g., speed, kickstand, and pivoting headlights
  • Comes with 6A charger (10A fast charger available)
  • 66lb/35kg weight (or higher, tbd)
  • Estimated price of $3,200 (eWheels)
Begode Hero vs Kingsong S20 Eagle: A Suspension EUC Comparison (2021) - Kingsong S20 Eagle

Hey, I know it’s hard to keep up with what’s happening in the EUC space because there are so many different models coming out all the time. But just when you thought that things couldn’t get any crazier, something comes along and totally makes your head spin. The King Song S20 Eagle Electric Unicycle is an absolute beast on wheels – pun intended!

I was blown away by this unicycle right from the get-go. With a 2200 126V battery, I expect the range of the S20 Eagle Electric Unicycle of over 50-60 miles under normal riding conditions. And, let’s throw in that high torque 3300W motor that will make this a monster for acceleration, hill climbing, and general off road goodness. Pair this motor power with a large 20″ diameter wheel and high ground clearance – it’s going to be a technical off road rider’s dream EUC!

Now, let’s wait and see for those other important things… like durability and all that stuff only time will tell.

Which New Suspension EUC Will I Choose?

Well, if you’ve already decided that suspension in an electric unicycle worth it, then the hard part is pretty much over. These are probably the best two suspension EUC wheels on the market today.

If you compare their specifications side by side, it appears that the Kingsong S20 Eagle has the upper hand as compared with the Begode Hero. For example, from a battery capacity standpoint, the S20 has a 2200W battery as compared with the Hero, which uses an smaller 1800W battery. The actual usage and management of that battery power, however, will be the deciding factor in how much of this matters to overall EUC performance.

Given that the battery size and voltage determines the underlying power that any given motor can deliver, the S20 again appears to have superiority against the Hero. But, it’s not all about speed, range, and simple math that determines what EUC is better for us in the community.

Other aspects come into play, such as durability, comfort, and utility (e.g., how easy it is to lift and move around when not riding). Spiked pedal upgrades as standard components on both suspension EUCs is a notable emphasis that these are designed to be ridden in tougher conditions, and are more than simple asphalt road warriors. I expect both models will work amazing in tougher terrain than previous generation EUCs.

In my opinion, beyond specifications of battery and motor power, I’m very interested in the long-term durability and the reliability of any EUC. A broken electric unicycle, or one that needs constant repair and maintenance is not only a waste of money, but time. And these days, I want to spend all my free time riding these amazing machines.

So, we already know that one of these two companies, Kingsong and Begode, has a better reputation for overall quality control (QC). But, I don’t think it’s fair to make any buying decisions until we, the riders, adopt a wheel and tell the rest of the community if things have improved, or worsened for a specific company’s QC.

To the main question: I preordered a Kingsong S20 Eagle from eWheels. I hope I chose wisely. But only time will tell!


What About the Begode Master?

Begode has announced a new Suspension EUC to compete directly with the Kingsong S20 Eagle: the Begode Master. This machine boasts a 134V electrical system (you can read more here about how voltage affects EUC performance).

Begode Master

What we know so far about the Begode Master:

  • Power: 3500W Torque motor. 
  • Speed: Potentially 50mph+ top speed
  • Range: 2400Wh battery
  • Suspension: Coil suspension

Whether this EUC will compete well against the other suspension wheels on the market, remains to be seen! For more info about the Begode Master and other suspension EUCs, you can check out eWheels or EUCO for other specifications.

Final Word

The electric unicycle industry is exploding, with new models coming out all the time. I hope you found this article interesting and useful.

Stick around as I find out more about this exciting time in the EUC industry and all the fun we will have talking about what the future holds for this amazing field of one wheeled machines.

Have you decided what suspension EUC you will get? Which EUC models are you most excited about? Leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Begode Hero vs Kingsong S20 (S22) Eagle: A Suspension EUC Comparison”

  1. Fascinating!
    To me, it looks like Hero is an older product that was developed to beat KingSong’s S18 and successfully did so. Meanwhile KingSong made the next step up with event further extra-effort in Beating the competition… Very curious to see if they stretched themselves too much, or indeed S20 is the ultimate machine?
    Oh, and wait, InMotion must do something now, too!
    Great time to be an EUC rider! 🙂

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