Veteran Sherman “Max” Review: What We Know

Are you looking for more info about the Leaperkim Veteran Sherman “Max”? The Veteran Sherman “Max” is a new version of the venerated Veteran Sherman. Also known colloquially as the “Shermax”, the VS Max is the most advanced iteration of the best all-around performance electric unicycle (EUC) on the market today.

The Veteran Sherman Max fixes all the notable concerns with the original version of the Veteran Sherman.

The original Veteran Sherman is a near perfect wheel, except for a few notable limitations:

  • An arguably fragile 60mm wide rim (which I cracked and learned my lesson)
  • Low speed torque could be improved
  • No suspension (but this isn’t a weakness for everyone)
  • Lack of true water resistance
  • Overheating during prolonged climbs up relatively shallow grades
  • Heavy (though, who can argue this is an issue when your battery capacity gives you the potential for 100+ miles of range)
  • No bluetooth (does this matter?)
Veteran Sherman "Max": What We Know About this Extreme Electric Unicycle - My Veteran Sherman V3
My Veteran Sherman needs more torque! Clark Pads give me more control, but at a certain point you can only lean so far forward before the dreaded tilt.

Here’s What We Know So Far About the Veteran Sherman Max EUC (info from eWheels):

You can order a new Veteran Sherman Max at eWheels.

Ewheels is planning on updating the Sherman page with new information, but if you place your deposit now it will go towards one of the Sherman “Max” versions.

The specs for this particular model (colloquial: The Shermax) have not yet been confirmed. But we do know that Leaperkim will increase the battery capacity about 12% to 3600Wh (see spec sheet below; labels not updated). Overall torque should also increase by about 20% with a higher rated motor system up to 2,800W, as compared with the previous 2,500W motor on the older version of the Sherman (they aren’t that old lol!).

Veteran Sherman "Max": What We Know About this Extreme Electric Unicycle - Spec sheet
Current spec sheet on Extreme Electric Unicycles, including the Veteran Sherman “Max”. Note that the label for this the Sherman Max hasn’t been updated (still reads as Sherman V2). The specifications are updated, however. Some need additional confirmation.

They also say their power has gone up in comparison with other models while using thicker gauge motor wires as well as some other improvements altogether! What’s interesting is that the Sherman Max versus Begode Commander comparison shows a near equivalent specification for power, range, and speed.

Veteran Sherman "Max": What We Know About this Extreme Electric Unicycle - Spec sheet anon
Here’s another spec sheet for the Sherman Max (unconfirmed source).

Is the Sherman Max Really That Much More Powerful?

Although at first glance the extra 300W in motor power rating for the Sherman Max may not seem like a lot (i.e., 2,800W vs 2,500W), this is a significant improvement; as this increase is merely the nominal power output of the Sherman Max motor. If you consider the enhancements in the other components, e.g., thicker wire gauge, the overall capability of the power delivery and motor system is dramatic and impressive. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sherman Max could deliver more than 1-2x the peak current in short spurts as compared to the original Sherman EUC iteration.

What is the Real World Range of the Sherman Max?

The range of any electric unicycle depends on many factors, including rider weight, wind speed, riding speed, and ambient temperature. All of these variables come into play when determining the “real world” range of an electric powered unicycle.

From other riders with the Veteran Sherman Max, the estimated range when riding over varied terrain in moderate temperature (65-75F) with an average speed of 25 to 30mph is around 80 miles.

Depending on your weight and conditions, you may get more or less range with the Veteran Sherman Max. The estimated range of the Veteran Sherman Max makes it one of the longest range EUCs you can buy on the market today!

Quality Control of the Veteran Sherman Max EUC

Given the logistical hurdles for production, I’m amazed at how quick these companies, such as Kingsong, Leaperkim, Begode (Gotway), and Inmotion are able to react to competition. Though, the speed at which the industry moves is likely why quality control (QC) suffers so much.

I hope all of these new EUCs undergo improved quality control. It hurts all of us when we invest (buy) into new technology that proves unreliable. How can I share my passion for this hobby/sport when it lets us down unexpectedly, proving unnecessarily dangerous?

eWheels Takes the Lead in Safety!

In an effort to minimize risk even more before shipping these EUCs out (due at least partly because batteries were known problems points/issues, e.g., fire risk), each electric unicycle will come equipped with enhanced battery safety packages worth another $300 per wheel (which eWheels is including exclusively to improve the safety of their shipped wheels).

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These safety features for the battery system will minimize the risk of battery failure, fire, and premature degradation. Though, in my view, I’m not sure how we would test or confirm this on our end (user side).

Specific Improvements to the Veteran Sherman Max Battery Pack from eWheels

Here is an overview summary of the new improvements and capabilities found in the LiTech battery packs, exclusive to eWheels:

  • Imported Korean Samsung 50E cells.
  • Short detection/protection, transient threshold at 300-450A
  • Back up inline 30A physical fuses
  • Each pack fitted with 5x temperature probes.
  • Voltage differential management for packs of unequal voltage, no balance lead required
  • Improved cell-holders for better survivability in the event of crash
  • Upgraded pure nickel strips that are both thicker and wider to withstand higher currents with less resistance.
  • Automated weld production methods for consistent quality
  • Capacity and stress-testing process done at the pack level after assembly

Of course, the cost of the new Sherman max has gone up. The Veteran Sherman used to cost $2,700 USD when first released, and rose quickly to over $3k. But, let’s face it; I’m not surprised, as there’s been inflationary pressure to increase cost across all sorts of consumer goods this past year or so. I’ll also note here that the increase in price also includes technology improvements, as well, e.g., see safety above, in all of the new EUCs.

What is the Free Spin Speed of the Veteran Sherman Max?

As compared to the prior version of the Veteran Sherman, the Sherman Max has a lower free spin speed (3-5mph or 5-8kph slower). This means that the Veteran Sherman Max has a relatively safe top speed of about 45-48mph, when ridden by an average weight rider (160-180lbs or 70-82kg). You can check out a video of the test.

Does this make the wheel inferior in the speed department? Perhaps. But, the Veteran Sherman Max has more torque, which means you will get to these higher speeds quicker (e.g., more acceleration). Also, due the larger battery pack you should also have a longer range wheel, and should be able to maintain the top speeds (>30+ mph) for a longer period of time. On top of this, the Sherman Max is improved heat management, due in part to its lower electrical resistance from its thicker motor wires.

I think these advantages of the Sherman Max outweigh any nuanced loss in maximum riding speed, as measured from its no-load, free spin test. Taken together, the new Veteran Sherman model is a vast improvement in overall performance. For the speed demons, there are faster wheels, but none with the total range, speed, and reliability package as found in the “Shermax”.

Should You Get the Sherman Max EUC?

I already ordered mine. There are emerging user reviews online that are very positive! The Veteran Sherman Max checks all the boxes for what I love about the original Sherman Veteran and takes it up a notch. The Sherman Max in my eyes is an EUC that is more than the sum of its parts.

All the small improvements over the past few years on this EUC model work synergistically to create one of the most capable, reliable performance electric unicycles on the market. I love riding my original VS on-and off-road and I look forward to the increase in capabilities of the Sherman MAX.

Final Thoughts

Yes! Finally, we should have a new Veteran Sherman that meets our expectations and tries to overcome its previous intrinsic limitations, e.g., torque, safety, and heat/power management. The Max will become a gold standard if it can do all that it promises.

I’m tempted to take a closer look at this new wheel, and move my purchasing decisions away from the other wheels. I’ve grown to love the compact form factor, reliability (except the rim and off road hill climbing ability) of my current Veteran Sherman EUC. Let’s see what happens when these go out for in-depth testing!

You can pre-order a new Veteran Sherman Max at ewheels. I’m sure these will go QUICK!

Veteran Sherman "Max": What We Know About this Extreme Electric Unicycle - two shermans by the water
My buddy and I rode our Shermans to the waterfront on a beautiful day! It was a 30-40 mile round trip and we experienced ZERO range anxiety, just crusin’.

Do you have any thoughts on this new Sherman Max electric unicycle? Will it match or exceed its closest competitor the Begode Commander High Speed (HS) or High Torque (HT)? Leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Veteran Sherman “Max” Review: What We Know”

  1. How would you compare the Sherman Max rim to the V3 version?

    Also, would you happen to know when the V3 version was first produced?

    1. The Sherman Max Rim is supposedly stronger than the previous V3 version (and earlier). It has been made with thicker specifications (around the rim), and uses a stronger alloy. I’ll try and find a source. The V3 Sherman came out sometime early Spring 2021 (March-April). I own a V3 sherman from eWheels 🙂

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