KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone

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The King Song S22 Eagle is the best all-purpose electric unicycle with a suspension system. Bold statement? Maybe so. But with all the information out in the wild, the only way to make an informed decision about any electric unicycle (EUC)—aside from riding one yourself—is to understand the perspective from as many riders as possible.

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In this article, I review the KS S22 EUC after several hundred miles of riding experience over varied terrain, including open city streets, bike trails, off road single track, and other places.

This is NOT sponsored. I bought my S22 with my money from eWheels. This also means that it has the upgraded high-discharge 40T battery packs.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - KS S22 Eagle Review - S20 review - King Song S22 EUC review

Do You Need a Suspension System in an EUC?

Absolutely, not. But there are compelling reasons to want suspension in an EUC. Until recently, a EUC suspension system was a pipe dream. But like the torque-enabling power pads, suspension adds another dimension to EUC riders’ experience and for the better.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - KS S22 Eagle on Ground
The KS S22 EUC is a beautiful wheel, and fun, too!

For more details about the pros and cons with suspension in an electric unicycle, check out this full article where I layout the argument for and against EUC suspension.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Veteran Sherman and S18 EUC on ground compared
A non-suspension wheel next to the venerated S18 (one of the first production ready suspension EUCs),

For myself, I’ve come to the realization that suspension technology in EUCs will soon become mainstream within the market. Conventional, non-suspended EUCs will become less common in the product releases in the future.

Is this shift as dramatic as, say analog typewriters disappearing with the advent of digital word processors? Maybe not.

Rather, suspension EUCs will become the go-to standard for those looking for an all-purpose EUC that can handle varied terrain at higher speeds with better safety margins—in part through better rider control over the single wheel.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Balance riding street on Sherman Max EUC
Street riding on a Veteran Sherman Max. Do you like speed?

Top 3 Best Electric Unicycles with Suspension

There are many models of EUC with suspension systems with powerful motors, varied ergonomics, e.g., tall, wide, nimble. But when it comes to competition to the S22, there are a few popular models to look out for.

Here are the 3 other options if you’re looking for popular, highly-regarded EUCs with suspension that you can find on the market now:

  1. InMotion V11
  2. King Song S18
  3. Begode Master

As electric unicycle technology advances, older models tend to get left behind fairly quickly. If you’ve been following the EUC community, you may (or may not) have remembered the Begode Hero or the now defunct Begode EX.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - V11 for commuting suspension EUC
The Inmotion V11 is a solid performer for those looking for suspension in a compact package.

Want More Power? Take a Look at Performance Suspension EUCs

For those looking for more powerful, performance oriented electric unicycles, sporting the latest and greatest 126V or 134V system voltages, you would want to check out other EUCs like the Veteran Sherman-S, the InMotion V13, or the Begode Master Pro.

Related: Kingsong S22 or Begode Master?

While the production models are still rolling out, these other wheels have greater range, deliver higher top speed (potentially up to 60-70 mph!), and will carry heavier riders without blinking an eye.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Sherman Max on a wall with landscape sky clouds
I like riding to pretty places.

While the market for EUCs hasn’t matured to the point where a smart BMS (i.e., battery management system) appears in every EUC coming out of the factory, there’s been a huge leap in terms of safety in these wheels.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Spiked pedals for before EUC wheel
Spiked pedals make everything you do on an EUC more confident-inspiring.

For example, I consider spiked pedals as standard equipment an important addition to any powerful EUC.

Inmotion makes spiked pedals as an aftermarket upgrade for all their wheels (with new wheels coming out with stock spiked pedals).

Is the KS S22 Considered a “Performance” EUC?

Ask a thousand people a question and you’ll get a thousand answers; at least that’s how the old adage goes.

To some, the KS S22 would be considered a performance EUC while to others it just wouldn’t make the cut. The fact is that the S22 can handle terrain variations better than EUCs without suspension systems, and carries heavier riders with ease.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - S22 EUC with TSG helmet next to it
Oh, the adventures you’ll take…

And while it doesn’t have the top shelf torque of the Begode 134V wheels, like the Master, the S22 is fast, nimble and provides more than enough torque for even the most aggressive riders (under 45 mph).

In my experience, as a somewhat fast rider happily traveling above 35mph, I love the additional control that suspension provides. I’ve not always been convinced that suspension was necessary for EUCs, but after riding the KS S22 I’m now a believer.

So, whether it’s considered a performance EUC or not is up to you; my opinion is that it definitely has the power and features of one. More about this below!

Who is King Song, The COMpany?

Before I deep dive into my review, I’ll want to give you a quick overview of the company who who designed and manufactures the KS S22 EUC. King Song was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs in China and specialize in the micro mobility industry with personal electric vehicles (PEVs).

Products like electric scooters and similar personal electric transport have become incredibly popular in the past few years. Most riders of these such devices often find themselves wanting more…

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - King Song logo icon

…whether that means better ride quality, built in speakers, rear lights, or long range capabilities, King Song has been one of the main go-to companies for increasingly higher quality PEVs.

The KS S22 is a great example of King Song’s commitment to providing riders with the best possible performance and ride-experience available in an electric unicycle. It’s no wonder why this EUC is considered a top performer in its class (of other middle-weight suspension EUCs).

They also go by the company name Shenzhen Jincong Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Their expertise with electronic and mechanical engineering has been evidenced in the past few years by their success in creating some of the most powerful, reliable and popular EUCs available on the market today.

If I were to make a comparison across their competitors, I would rank King Song high on the reputation for listening to customer needs. Their earlier non-suspension EUC models, such as the KS 16x have garnered an almost cult-like following.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - KS16x EUC for comparison with side pads
My KS 16x has never let me down.

That’s something to consider when evaluating the S22. This wheel has been designed and tested over time, based on customer feedback and experiences with their non-suspension models. They have taken that feedback and built a product that while doesn’t totally outperform their competitors, the S22 does offer a unique feature set.

In the end, King Song is a company that has proven to provide some of the most reliable and feature-rich EUCs on the market. And with the S22 they have taken it one step further by offering suspension technology in a reasonably affordable package (…it still ain’t cheap).

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - S22 Eagle review EUC close up with stock pedals
Stock side pads on the KS S22 Eagle are reminiscent of high heels, a pair of fancy boots, or the wings of an…eagle?

8 Must-Know THINGS ABOUT THE King Song S22 Eagle (REview)

The best electric unicycles with suspension have 8 features and characteristics you’ll want to know about. In particular, I’ll mention these features in the context of the S22 Eagle and my thoughts about each.

1. Motor and torque

The King Song S22 received a lot of attention when it was first announced. And it is still the first EUC to break the 100V system voltage milestone in an EUC.

As a 126V system, the custom hollow bore motor in the S22 has a nominal power rating of 3,300W with a theoretical peak output of close to 7,500W (close to 10 horsepower or 10hp). For reference, a typical push lawnmower has about 1/4 hp.

I’ll add this note about the motor, too: This is not your average, run-of-the-mill motor. From what I understood from the launch and now the production model, the motor in the S22 is a 60mm hollow opening (a unique design) that provides more space for larger electrical wiring, i.e., less resistance to electrical current.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - S22 vanishing point view low side pedals and motor view
The kickstand on the S22 makes taking pretty photos easy.

And the motor incorporates a custom bearing seal to protect against harsh weather conditions (what this exactly means, I’m not sure; but I’ve had no trouble riding my wheel through wet conditions, e.g., puddles, light rain storms). Not to mention, the motor temperature is monitored in real time so you’re always protected while riding. Overheating motor is the last thing you want to worry about.

How much torque is enough?

If you’re an EUC rider coming from almost any other 100V wheel, including the venerated Veteran Sherman, you’ll notice a marked difference in power and torque. Higher voltage means more torque (generally, not always), which translates to a better acceleration profile.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Torque power on S20 S22 euc

The S22 has no problem making it up the steepest hills and is great for those looking for performance and speed. As a 170lb rider fully geared up, I am very, very pleased with how smooth the power gets delivered to the wheel under my feet.

Although the spiked pedals aren’t the most ergonomic right out of the box, I feel like I have plenty of control over this wheel’s power output.

2. Weight

The weight of any EUC determines so many things, including ride quality, portability, agility, and even the stability at high speed. Here, the estimated weight of the S22 is around 77lbs or 35kg.

While things like the replaceable, lightweight front bumper, pedals and even the seat add to the overall weight savings, it’s important to note that this is still one of the heaviest EUCs out there.

The S22 is heavier than all my other wheels except the larger Sherman and other EUCs in the same weight class, such as the Commander.

King Song S20 or Veteran Sherman Max - how to choose between performance electric unicycles - EUC buying decision making - banner header image
Both of my wheels serve a purpose. If you’re into the EUC hobby or sport, then you’ll understand why most of us have multiple electric unicycles in our collection.

More than weight; It’s About Balance

If you’re unfamiliar with the EUC world, weight alone does not indicate how well an electric unicycle will perform while being ridden. Instead, you’ll want to understand how that weight or mass is distributed on the chassis of the EUC. How the batteries and frame are designed into the EUC directly determines the location of the Center of Gravity (CoG).

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Concept art S22 front view face on

On the S22, most of that mass is above the axle of the wheel. This makes the S22 quite top heavy and you’ll definitely feel that while riding. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is something to consider when evaluating the S22 and comparing it to other EUCs in its class.

For tall riders this is likely less of an issue. But for smaller riders, the extra weight can be challenging to manage while riding.

Anyone Can Learn How to Ride Top-Heavy Electric Unicycles

Of course, with any EUC, I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone can learn how to manage the weight and how to ride it effectively. The S22 is no different – simply put, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - roadway with bike path on the shoulder
Going straight is easy. But the fun with EUCs comes with turning and carving.

And, the neat part about the S22 is that all that top heavy mass has become useful to how I ride. I can leverage that weight into turns and carve with a lot of stability (almost like you’re on rails on a smooth road) with the wheel in a way that’s not possible with lighter machines. Those lighter machines twitch or can become overly-responsive which I now find disconcerting.

Overall, I love the fact that the S22 has this unique weight and distribution, and I’ve grown to appreciate it more after riding it for a few months.

3. Wheel diameter

The King Song S22 Eagle uses a 20″ knobby tire. Depending on who you purchase your wheel from, it might come with a tire that is appropriate for dry dirt roads, wet weather conditions or hard pavement. The stock tire on my model from eWheels is a love-hate affair from other riders in the EUC community.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Top down view with shadow of S22 euc
I chose to go with the stock knobby tire on my S22. For those looking for more aggressive street riding, you may want to consider slicks or hybrid tires.

I personally love the handling I have with it on the street. The knobbies give me the traction and control I need to feel comfortable on turns. But, sure, I also agree that their squarish profile does make it a bit harder to move around in tight spots or around parked vehicles, especially at low speeds.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Front down view of the S22 EUC best suspension system
Street riding with the stock knobby tire is amazing with the suspension system taking out all the hard knocks.

The 20″ diameter is perfect for larger riders; however, smaller riders might find themselves having to lean forward more than usual when turning at low speeds.

Stock Tires Limits the Speed of Tight Turns

Combined with the wheel’s higher center of gravity, the stock wheel and larger diameter of it makes it challenging for those with less riding skill. So you should but keep in mind that the S22 Eagle is not a toy wheel and it needs to be treated with respect when turning at low speeds or cornering sharply at higher speeds.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Turning on a electric unicycle tilt body posture
The Sherman Max (no suspension) is also an amazing pavement performer, taking to the road like a fish in sweet water.

The 20inch diameter of the S22 means you get great contact patch and grip when cornering (especially on loose terrain). I don’t ride highly technical terrain, partly because such places are often mountain bike parks that have prohibitive rules in regards to the use of electric driven devices in my locale (e.g., can’t even use e-mountain bikes).

But the S22 has given me more confidence to try paths and trails I would never have gone on before. And exploration is part of the fun for me.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Bike trail ends here stop sign road
Although the KS S22 is a tad overkill for bike trails, I’ve enjoyed my slower rides.

Overall, the S22 Eagle is a great performer with its 20inch wheel when it comes to urban riding and paved or groomed dirt/gravel trails. The majority of riders should find enough grip and control from the tire for any terrain they throw at it.

4. Suspension system

This is the bread and butter of why you’re going to want to choose the S22 over any other EUC right now. The S22 comes with a DNM Burner RCP-2S 240mm shock that has 130mm of travel.

Here’s my experience with hundreds of miles on my S22 with the suspension system that beats all others in terms of flexibility and durability.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Close up of suspension coil on the S22 EUC with rainbow rear lighting system
A long-travel suspension system with coil shock forms the core reason you’re considering the S22 EUC.


The suspension system gives you an amazing experience when riding over bumps, rocks, and other difficult terrain. The extra travel helps to absorb the impact and smooth out the ride so that even on bumpy roads or off-road trails, it feels as if you’re just gliding along.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - S22 suspension system from the rear view
Where are you going next?

Best Reasons for the KS S22 Suspension

The suspension also helps keep your wheel stable when cornering and improves handling at higher speeds. You can lean in with confidence knowing that the S22 will remain steady and responsive to your inputs.

The shocks can handle large drops with ease and I have yet to hear of any complaints from other riders (around my riding weight) about the shocks bottoming out.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Rear top down view of the suspension wheel
Ready to roll.

I love that I don’t need to carry a shock pump or tools to adjust the suspension while I’m out on a ride. If I want more firmness or less rebound, I can simply adjust the settings via knobs directly on the shock. I’ve ridden my S22 in hot Summer temperatures, up to 100F (or 37C), and down to 20F (or -6C) frigid winter temperatures, and have yet to experience any rattling or performance issues with the shock system.

A Complaint, But Not a Deal-Breaker

Now, I have to note a common complaint that is well-founded. The sliders that guide the EUC’s wheel up and down the shock’s travel can become stuck over time.

Apparently this is a design flaw that is only remedied by keeping the sliders clean from debris, mud, and dirt, followed by a re-lubrication routine every hundred or so miles. Or you can purchase after-market “roller” sliders that replace the friction guides in the slider channels.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Low angle photo of the S22 seat and the pedals
All weather (almost) riding with the S22. Fast, comfortable, and agile, the S22 is one of the best all-around EUCs you can choose from.

Although I haven’t had a problem with “stiction” or static friction locking up my suspension movement, I have heard enough complaints and stories of it happening that I feel this should be a part of the considerations when choosing the S22 EUC with suspension.

To sum up, the S22’s suspension system is definitely a selling point for many riders, but you should be aware of the potential issue with the sliders. Again, on the bright side, with regular cleaning and maintenance, you should be able to keep stiction at bay and get the most out of your ride.

What’s the S22 Suspension Like after Riding Hundreds of Miles?

As someone coming from the mountain biking world, I did realize coming into this EUC that there is no such thing as a perfect fully-suspended ride without regular maintenance of the linkages and suspension system. And unfortunately the S22 is not exempt from that.

However, I am happy to say that after months of riding it, I can confidently say that the S22 is an excellent EUC with a fantastic suspension system.

empty road between trees
Photo by Pixabay on

All in all, the S22’s suspension system is one of its standout features that sets it apart from other wheels on the market. With a smooth ride, stable cornering, reliable handling and the ability to take on more difficult terrain, you can be sure that this EUC will give you an amazing ride.

You can read more about my earlier comparison with the Begode Master, which uses a different kind of suspension system.

5. Battery capacity

The battery capacity of the S22 provides a moderate range when compared against its competitors. As a 170lb fully geared rider, I have been able to get about 40 miles of maximum range on a single charge.

Of these miles, about 20-25 of them are “fun”, high speed, power-demanding miles. With that said, riders who weigh less can expect to get more range and those who are heavier may get slightly less.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - extreme wheels for performance EUC rides
Prices fluctuate, but the overview here is great for comparing different high-power, performance electric unicycles.

I received my S22 from eWheels, who exclusively include the “upgraded” Samsung 40T battery cells on the S22. These offer a somewhat lower capacity of 1,776Wh/126V versus the standard 2,200wh/126V battery pack.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - depleting a battery for EUCs
Lithium battery technology is improving all the time.

However, the 40T batteries while having less total capacity does offer a much higher discharge rate (less internal resistance) which theoretically make these batteries safer to charge, use under high load (those massive steep climbs or torque screaming demands in jumps, stairs and whatnot), and provides much longer battery service life.

For these reasons, I believe it is the right move to go with the Samsung 40T battery cells and I don’t regret my decision.

No Range Anxiety for Most Rides

In short, when it comes to battery capacity, the S22 offers a solid middle ground between range and power capabilities. With the upgraded Samsung 40T batteries, you’ll have plenty of juice for your rides while still enjoying a safe, reliable battery performance.

My personal experience with the S22’s battery has been nothing but great – it has always held up well and I haven’t had any issues with my range or capacity yet. All in all, the S22’s battery offers a great balance of range and power that should satisfy most riders.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Isometric view of the concept art for the S22 EUC

In terms of charging speed, it takes about 4 hours to fully charge from a 0% battery level on the S22. When compared against other EUCs in the same class, this charge time falls within the average range. The dual charging ports also gives you options for using two chargers up to 12amp to speed up battery fill up.

Although I’m not an electrical engineer, I’ll also finally note that the S22 is uniquely equipped with a Smart BMS system. This system is designed to help riders check the battery health levels and ensure the safety of their packs, which is always a welcome feature. You simply open the King Song app on your smartphone and check the battery’s voltage and temperature.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Side view of the S22 with the stock pads
The manageable size and weight of the S22 make it the perfect wheel to throw in your car when you want to go places beyond your local neighborhood.

Overall, I’m very happy with the performance of the S22’s battery and can confidently recommend it to those looking for a reliable mid-range electric unicycle. With plenty of range and power, you’ll be able to go on long rides without worry, while still enjoying all the benefits that this electric unicycle has to offer.

6. Durability

Have you ever dropped your EUC? What’s it like to have things fall apart on products you love to use? Well, the S22 is designed to handle harsh conditions — whether you’re riding in rain, snow or dirt. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

I will say from my direct experience with the wheel that it’s a “looker” and “feeler”. You’ll want to admire the wheel from a distance because it looks cool, and feel it because it’s got a solid build quality.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Golden hour magic hour photograph of the S22 euc
I’ve laid my S22 down a few times, and it keeps on rolling without issue.

Touching the EUC tells you that it’s been designed for durability and can handle a few bumps and bruises with ease. Unlike a Begode wheel which requires aftermarket shells, 3D printed bumpers and the like to prevent wear and tear, the S22 is designed with quite a few features that protect it from the elements.

The main components of the S22 are all metal, and the plastic parts used on the wheel are high quality (and modular, so you can replace them easily). I’ve been using my S22 for a few months now, even taking it out in light rain and snow sometimes, and I can vouch for the wheel’s solid build.

Can the S22 Handle the Rigors of Off-Road Riding?

Additionally, I can definitely vouch for its durability after taking it off-road in rugged terrain, rolling over pebbles, soil, mud, and loose dusty dirt trails. I don’t think any suspension EUC is as durable as a non-suspended EUC simply due to the added moving parts, but the S22 definitely holds its own.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Off road trail with dirt and gravel in the shade
Trails like these are amazing for those times when you want to change up the scenery and escape the humdrum of your routine routes.

Although the front bumper is made of plastic and can break in hard falls (rare), it will protect the rest of your S22 from damage (frontal impact). And as a replaceable part, you can simply get a new bumper or 3D print your own if you do find yourself needing to do so.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Rain and water drops on the S22 showing resistance
I’ve ridden my S22 through rain storms and do not worry about water ingress. I have not had any issue with any components after riding through puddles (up to 3-5” deep in some places). I would not lean your wheel sideways down when it is wet to avoid moisture getting into the sensitive controller parts.

Metal and More Metal

To get specific with construction, the S22 is composed of metal alloy and steel parts. There are screws and linkages that could corrode with time, but everything feels very solid and well put together. The design also has been improved with rounded edges so that it won’t hurt your hands if you accidentally handle the wheel a bit too hard.

If you’re concerned about the adjustable headlights being in the front of the wheel, don’t worry too much. I’ve dropped my wheel onto its front end and the bumper does stick out plenty to protect the LED housing from scratches or dents.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - LED lights on the front of the S22 EUC
I love the bright lights on the S22. Just be forewarned that they will blind bystanders and pedestrians.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the S22’s durability and construction quality. While there are suspension EUCs for less money, such as the V11 or the previous S18 (which was notorious for pieces falling off), the S22 is an extremely durable unit that showcases King Song’s engineering in the durability department.

The S22 definitely feels like a quality product and should last you for many, many miles of riding. Just don’t abuse it…its still an electronic device after all like any other PEV/EUC.

7. Ergonomics and features

Ergonomics is the study of how people interact with their environment, and it’s a crucial factor to consider when purchasing an electric unicycle. After all, you’ll be riding the wheel for long periods of time, so you want it to feel comfortable.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Other features of the S22 including seat and pedals
There are many useful features on the S22 that you may not find on other electric unicycles.

In my view, there’s a lot of to love and not-love about the S22. There aren’t any deal-breaking things that make the S22 uncomfortable or simply risky to use, but there are a few areas that could be annoying pain-points for many users including myself.

Dual Charge Ports and Water Resistance

Here we go. The dual charge ports are hidden underneath the top panel of the S22. This is probably the most annoying feature of the S22 as it can be a bit tricky to get your charger plugged in properly. I find that if you angle the plug slightly, you can get it in without too much effort. It’s not the most intuitive design, but it works and I’ve grown used to it over time.

For those wondering about splashing water from the wheel up to the charge ports, not to worry, the fender and location of the ports keep them safe from any issues. I would replace the rubber charge covers with screw-on type protectors.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Best charge port covers for the EUCs, metal with chain screw on caps
These are the battery charge caps that I recommend. Use these to replace the flimsy rubber covers that come stock on the S22. They will also work on the Veteran Sherman.

Charge port cover replacements are much more durable, and will provided added protection to this vulnerable part of the EUC. Just make sure you snip off the chain to avoid accidentally touching the “hot” end of the ports, which would lead to a short-circuit.

Adjustable Trolley Handle and Balance

The trolley handle is adjustable and telescopes up and down as you would expect on luggage. It’s located in an awkward position, near the front of the wheel. And while this makes it convenient to grab and trolley the wheel without having to bend down, it’s also not in the most balanced position when pushing the wheel around.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - S22 EUC leaning against Honda civic
The S22 is somewhat back heavy, but it’s nothing you won’t get used to after riding and using it for a while.

On the flip side, one could argue and I agree that you’re going want to spend most of your time riding the S22 rather than trolleying it around. It’s not a great commuter wheel for those wondering; but it’s definitely one of the best suspension EUCs around for smoothing out those bumpy city, urban journeys.

How Are the Stock Spiked Pedals?

The spiked pedals are solid and offer a great grip for your feet when riding, even in wet conditions. Although some have complained that the spikes aren’t deep enough and could have been better for wet/mud condition, I haven’t had any issues in this regard. I’ve ridden in snow and still feel stuck to my EUC pedals. You may need better shoes (flat soles without heels) if you’re finding the pedals slippery.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Stock pedals opened folded down with spikes
The stock spiked pedals are comfortable and with good shoes aren’t slippery even when wet.

I’ll also note a somewhat disregarded benefit of the large spiked pedals is that they can stay folded up. There is a “ratchet” mechanism that keeps your EUC in its most compact form, even if your side pads get in the way.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Folded up spiked pedals against the stock pads
The pedals “click” into place when you want to fold them up for more compact storage.

I’ll say it again because I love this feature: Although the stock version are not adjustable pedals, they stay in their folded position which is great for transporting your S22 in a car or train.

A Bright, Large LED Display Panel…Any Good?

It wasn’t until the Veteran Sherman did we see the first display panel readout that stayed on the wheel at all times. While the King Song S22 doesn’t provide you with the telemetry data, voltage, and all the other doodads that other displays do, the screen is bright and clearly visible in sunlight.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Top down display panel riding S22 euc on road street
When you’re not moving the LED display shows you battery life. While you’re riding, the display will show you your current speed (metric units).

The display also shows you the bare minimum you may want: Battery life remaining and speed (while in motion). The location of the display is right underneath your chin, so from a line-of-sight discussion, it isn’t in the best spot. You’ll have to lean over, tilt your head pretty far down to see the readout.

This is especially an issue when you’re riding fast and leaning forward.

To check your speed readout on the S22 display, you essentially have to look down and backwards. It’s not the most comfortable (or safe) way to operate. For myself, I ignore the display when I’m riding…

Stock Side Pads or After Market Pads for the S22?

All EUC riders who want to leverage the power of their wheel need side pads, or power pads, whatever you want to call them, e.g., torque pads?. The best side pads I’ve ever used are Grizzla pads (see my full review).

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Grizzly pads with fairing on the S22 EUC
The Grizzla pads with custom fairings work great. I love how much control and comfort they provide to the S22.

But, when it comes to the stock side pads, which fit the angled motif of the S22 from the side profile, they’re quite good. They offer decent grip and don’t slip out of place, an issue I’ve had with some side pads in the past. The material has a “stiff foam” feel to it which provides an extra level of comfort while riding.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Boomerang plastic for the adjusting the stock pedals
The boomerang plastic piece for the S22 comes right off and lets you adjust your stock side pads even further.

Now, I know from talking with others and perusing the forums that the stock pads also illicit from strong opinions, good and bad. For some , they’re too slippery; for others, they grip just fine. I’ve also heard that they are painful to use, as they can dig into your ankle bone or calf.

Looks or Function? The Stock Side Pads…

Although the pad placement on the EUC is crucial for added control, comfort, and simple utility, there is a limit to how you can adjust the stock S22 side pads.

The “boomerang” plastic in the front of the wheel limits the pad placement. If you want to stick with the stock pads, you can remove the boomerang for more flexible pad placement.

For those looking for a more custom fit, which I decided to do later on, is to use your own pads. As mentioned, I prefer Grizzla pads, but there are many on the market today that will work.

Using Velcro as an attachment method is the “industry standard” for EUC side pad modifications. Most other pads on the market offer Velcro built-into their design, which makes swapping out or adjusting pads a breeze. I use this Velcro product for all my EUC needs.

Other Features, e.g., Lift Switch, Lights, and Colors

The King Song S22 also has some nice additions, like adjustable suspension with large dials (which you can operate while wearing thick gloves), and a stable kickstand. In fact, the kickstand is surprisingly sturdy and helps keep the wheel in place while the wheel is off (or the balancing is turned off).

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Grizzla custom side pads on s22 with seat leaning on kickstand
Here I’m taking a break from all the fun I’m having with the wheel.

The lift switch on the S22 is the back carry handle. Lower the back handle to operate the spin-kill switch. Now you can lift the S22 off the ground without turning it off. I use this feature all the time when I’m moving the wheel up a curb or short stair (that I don’t want to try riding up/over). This handle won’t operate when you’re moving so you don’t have to be concerned with cutting out when the handle moves during a big bump.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Night riding with euc lights
Custom aftermarket lights make night rides with any EUC safer, more fun, and just cool.

A word about lights on the S22. I love riding at night (using other lighting systems), and using the King Song S22 stock lights are better than any other wheel I’ve ridden on. The built-in bright LED headlight shines pretty far ahead of you while riding, making night time rides more enjoyable and safer.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Front view of LED lights on the S22 EUC
Dual LED headlights

The LEDs also angle up or down so you can direct the beam were you need it. The taillight is also bright and highly visible with rainbow colors. When you turn left or right, the rear taillight switches to a blinking yellow informing the people behind you that you are turning.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - LED housing for front lights with knobby tire S22 euc
You can adjust angle of the headlights.

Have you ever tried seated riding?

The seated ride on the KS S22 Eagle is in my opinion, the best in its class…maybe. How you fit on the wheel and your style of riding will determine whether you like the seated ride on the S22 or not.

The back of the wheel is slightly curved and padded to fit your butt. It’s wide enough that you can sit comfortably with both feet on the side pads. For some people, you may want to scoot forward to the front of the seat however to maintain torque on the wheel.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Padded stock seat for s22 is comfy
The seated ride is comfortable, but isn’t the most effective way to ride the S22.

And again, the lack of low end torque compared to some other high voltage wheels may require you learn that you’ll need to lean forward a bit more to accelerate and hold your speed. And, when you’re trying to slow down or brake, the S22 may require you to put a bit more of your upper body into the maneuver.

In general, I would not recommend the S22 if you plan to ride seated a lot.

The caveat to all of this seated discussion with the S22 is that I am considered to be on the shorter side at 5’7″. Squatting down to the height of the stock seat on the s22 is not a problem; however, those who are taller may want to look into getting a custom adjustable seat.

With the advent of 3D printing, customization for the S22 is now more accessible than ever. You can find custom 3D printed handles, footpads, and even a seat to make the riding experience much more enjoyable. Check out Etsy for custom S22 accessories!

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Clouds and sky for a pleasant ride

Features that you may miss from the KS S22 Eagle:

  • No bluetooth speakers
  • No USB ports for charging accessories, e.g., smartphones
  • Lack of LED lighting effects, e.g., Inmotion V12 (see it on Amazon)
  • Lacks of obvious attachment points for external cameras, smartphone holders, external lighting effects, or other accessories

8. Cost and value

Is the KS S22 worth it? Starting at around $3000-3200, depending on where you shop, the S22 is not cheap. But if you’re in the market for a reliable and powerful EUC with best in class suspension, then this wheel should be on your list of contenders.

The S22 Eagle has lots of features that many riders are looking for: adjustable suspension, good range and top speed, powerful motors (the most powerful, but certainly capable), adjustable light settings, tilt angle, and so much more.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - S22 action shot in a urban landscape
So cool….

It is also one of the most widely regarded wheels for aesthetics. The S22 is a beautiful looking EUC. The colors are vibrant, the lines are clean and distinct, and it doesn’t have any extra bulk.

The S22 Eagle is a solid choice for those wanting to invest in an EUC that will last them years of fun riding. With all the features packed into it, you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth.

Now, one of the last talked about reasons of why i chose to go with the S22 over some of its competitors is also because of what I expect to be its better trade-in or resale value.

As one of the most popular electric unicycles out there, from a generally well-respected companies, i.e., King Song, it is likely to be easier and more profitable to resell or trade-in in the future.

Overall, I am very happy with my S22 Eagle and would recommend it to those considering a higher-end EUC purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kingsong S22 (formerly S20), Sherman Max or Another Electric Unicycle?

The Kingsong S22 is radically different from the space the Veteran Sherman Max fills. The Sherman Max offers a longer range and simpler design than the S22, but this comes at the cost of extra weight (close to 90 lbs) and the lack of suspension.

The Sherman Max has a much lower center of gravity, which makes it a very stable ride at high speeds over good terrain. It is when the bumps, imperfections, and other unseen potholes in the road appear, does the Sherman Max, a non-suspended EUC, start to feel uncomfortable compared to the S22 Eagle.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and intended use for each Wheel. For those looking for a powerful and versatile EUC with suspension, the S22 is a great choice. If you value tons of range and simplicity, then the Sherman Max is probably better suited for you.

No matter what EUC you choose, always remember to make sure you are properly dressed in safety gear and keeping an eye out for your surroundings when riding.

Tell me the difference between S18 and S22?

It has standard air suspensions while the S22 has springs and wheels. S22 is opening the door to new EUCs. The replacement part for a S23 Eagle is easier without the outer shell. The motors and batteries are the core components of any EUC. We don’t compromise the function the customer demands. S16 suspension travel reaches 100 mm while S22 suspension travels 130 mm.

S18 vs S22: What should I do if I can’t decide between the two?

The S22’s are not replaced by the S18. The S17 is a lightweight suspension wheel that was built for users who cannot exceed speed limits. This bike will work well for riders who are interested in commuter transportation but do not want the added weight of larger wheels.

Do you need power side pads with the S22 electric unicycle?

No, power side pads are not necessary for the S22 electric unicycle. In fact, the S22 comes stock with side pads to help you leverage the torque of the wheel. However, as with any electric unicycle, ever individual rider will have their own preferences when it comes to the level of comfort and control they want.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Veteran Sherman with side pads and blue TSG helmet

For example, you can find Clark pads, Torque Pads, or all-purpose side pads online. All you have to do is adjust and attach them to the sides of your S22 or other EUC and you’re off on your adventure. Adjustable power pads make riding safer, more comfortable, and give you a lot more control over the power output of an electric unicycle.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - Clark pads on a Veteran Sherman
Clark pads on a Veteran Sherman.

I personally recommend Grizzla Pads, which have excellent grip, cushioning and durability. Using power side pads is also a great way to gain more control over the wheel when cornering at high speeds. Grizzla makes custom fairings with built-in Velcro to help you attach their different pad models to your S22.

KingSong S22 Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle for Everyone - GrIzzla side pads close up
Grizzla pads make any EUC more fun to ride because they add control and comfort to the equation.


Are there aftermarket, custom spiked pedals for the S22?

There are aftermarket custom spiked pedals for the S22 available from a number of online retailers who specialize in EUC parts and accessories. You can find these spikes made out of different materials, including aluminum, steel or titanium. The spikes provide excellent grip and help when pushing off at high speeds or riding on rough terrain.

Is the KS S22 IP Rated?

An IP rating or code is a value given to a product or device that tells a user how well it is protected against water or dust ingress. To get an IP code, a manufacturer must contract a certified third-party for testing.

In the case of the KS S22 EUC, there is no IP code assigned and therefore it is unclear how well the S22 is protected against water and dust intrusion. In anecdotal experience from the community, the S22 does fairly well against light rain and rides through puddles and mud. There have been no widespread reports of bearing issues with rust or damage due to rides through wet conditions.

The top control panel is well sealed against light sprays of water from the top-downward, and I have no heard of any reports of issues with shorts or battery issues due to splashes from riding in wet conditions.

Indeed, in the rare cases that an S22 has been submerged when dropped into streams, pools of water, etc., water did intrude into the battery casing and led to corrosion of electrical leads. However, this kind of damage would not be prevented even in the Inmotion IP rated unicycles, such as the V12.

In general, I would avoid riding through extremely wet conditions with your S22 to prevent any future issues from arising from inadvertent moisture getting into the sensitive parts of the wheel.

Where can I buy a KS S22?

You can order a KS S22 from eWheels or EUCO in the United States, whom I have personal experience. There are also other retailers in the North America, including Alienrides and Eevees.

Final Thoughts

After several hundred miles with my copy of the KS S22, I’m pleased to report that I would buy it all over again given the chance. I love my wheel. The S22 fills a niche in my stable of EUCs and I’m glad I decided to take the plunge.

The build quality and attention to detail are outstanding; there’s no doubt in my mind that it will last me many years of riding. If you’re looking for an all-purpose, versatile electric unicycle with suspension and good build quality, then you can’t go wrong with the KS S22 Eagle.

I hope you found this article helpful! If you ride an S22 and think I missed anything, please let me know! I’d also love to fill you in with any questions. Leave a comment!

Until then, happy wheelin’!

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