Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey

Are you trying to decide what electric unicycle (EUC) to get first? Electric unicycles are varied, not just in terms of riding styles but also in range, size, weight, price and even looks. Because they are usually purchased through online vendors it can be pretty daunting to choose between all the options out there. And, of course how can you choose if you don’t know what each EUC is like to ride?

One good way to decide what electric unicycle to buy is by watching videos of people riding each machine. Even better, I think, is to find a friend who is willing to buy all of the popular EUC models, ride them enough to form a solid opinion, and share those thoughts with you. I’m so happy to have met and ridden with my friend, Linda Waterman, a hobbyist of all things personal electric vehicles (PEV).

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - onewheel future motion with puppy riding

In this guest article, Linda Waterman shares her experience from riding a OneWheel to now collecting and enjoying a number of electric unicycles. If you’re undecided about which electric unicycle to commit to, maybe her story and thoughts about a number of EUCs will give you some additional insight.

For me, Linda’s EUC riding experience has given me tons of insight into what I may (or may not) enjoy with the EUC hobby. And, now she has graciously allowed me to share more of her insights with you.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - electric unicycle wheel collection display

As my friend Linda can attest, the most important thing is to choose an electric vehicle and hobby that you love simply because it makes you happy. And remember: reading about other peoples’ experience with these electric unicycles can give us all some additional insight into what we might enjoy most. I really appreciate Linda sharing her story with our OW and EUC community.

Here’s Linda’s story about the many EUCs she has tried and loved/hated….Enjoy!

Big Kid with a Credit Card

I’m much better at numbers then words. But, here it goes!

I began riding when I was 61 years old, and now I’m 62. I bought my first EUC after a fun conversation with Brian Liddy from One Stop Board Shop in New Jersey. It was an InMotion V8f.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - learning to ride an EUC with brushes
You can put floor mop brushes under the pedals of an electric unicycle to help you balance while you’re learning to ride. It certainly helps!

My personal PEV progression started the year before on a cycle board Rover, then on to OneWheels and then EUC’s. I have had a couple of falls riding OneWheels.As you can guess, I incurred a few bodily injuries.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - cycleboard electric scooter e scooter
Cycleboard escooter (lean to turn!)
Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - electric skateboard onewheel with blue accents
Future Motion OneWheel (OW) with custom mods

Over the last 12 months I have purchased 11 wheels. Some of them I bought for sightseeing excursions; others I acquired for my own enjoyment and to gain experience with other wheels. To date, I’ve ridden approximately 1,200 to 1,400 miles on electric unicycles, and about the same on OneWheels.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - electric unicycles escooters against wall on floor with neoprene covers
I’m a fan of neoprene, partly because it helps me keep the EUCs clean and ready for me to sell to a new home.

Some of my friends might describe me as a big kid with a credit card. Here are the EUCs I’ve purchased in the past year or so:

  1. InMotion V8f 
  2. Gotway/Begode MTen3
  3. Kingsong KS16x
  4. Gotway/Begode Tesla V3
  5. Kingsong KS18XL 
  6. InMotion V11
  7. Kingsong KS16s
  8. Gotway/Begode RS 19 HS
  9. Gotway/Begode EXN HT
  10. Gotway/Begode MCM5v2 

Two were purchased from EUCO, the remaining 9 were all purchased from eWheels. As some of you may know, it’s just easier and pleasant working with Jason McNeil (Owner and Operator of eWheels).

I currently still own and ride:

Personally, I believe the overall build quality on KingSong (KS) and InMotion electric unicycles to be better right out of the box. These EUCs have better materials, feel better, and have an overall superior production quality. However, I also believe the fun factor for Begode (also formerly known as Gotway) is also there right out of the box. 🤷‍♂️

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - new collection of electric unicycle EUCs on warm lit room floor
My current stable of EUCs. All of them have a special place in my heart.

My Favorite Electric Unicycle Wheels to Date, and Why

Here are my impressions of each of these electric unicycle models.

The Gotway Tesla V3 is an easy wheel to get comfortable with at 48.5 lbs. I had no issues in riding my first 350 miles. I would recommend riding it with some wheel protection. Overall, the Tesla V3 is a good solid wheel to learn on. 

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - Tesla v3 with starbucks drink on pedals with handle up
Gotway Tesla V3 – A good ride and refreshment.

The Kingsong KS18XL is another very easy wheel to get comfortable on at 53 lbs. I’ve ridden this EUC with no issues and logged about 500 miles. This is a nice solid wheel to ride. The 18″ diameter wheel was a lot more comfortable than the 16″ wheels like the Tesla V3 or the KS16x.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - Kingsong 18xl against statue resting
Kingsong KS18XL

As for the InMotion V11 as you can see I have had two. I did not give the first one all of my efforts. It was harder for me to get on initially, because it was so tall. Yes, it’s a tall wheel for shorter persons. Part of this is due to the air suspension system which raises the pedals higher. Though after I got used to this, it wasn’t a problem at all.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - Inmotion v11 on stand sideways with drink on top during daylight afternoon light
Riding my V11 to Starbucks never gets old (or sneaks under the radar).

The V11 is also an excellent wheel and I’m keeping mine. I’m impressed by the excellent, durable build quality of this InMotion EUC. I really enjoy the V11, and the suspension adds safety when encountering hidden bumps. I also can get on it now pretty easily. It’s a great wheel to handle, not too heavy at 59.5 lbs. And between the two V11’s I own(ed), I got about 250 miles of riding time.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - inmotion v11 product shot white background ewheels

To date, the RS 19 HS Is one of my favorite electric unicycles. For my riding style I have no issues with beeps (which warn you about overpowering the motor and battery), but wish at this wheel weight I had more range. I suppose that’s the cost of all that torque. Though at 59.5 lbs, I had little problems getting 150 miles on the wheel.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - Begode RS19 HT learning against park bench
RS 19 HS at the park along a bike trail
Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - Gotway RS 19 euc on railing day time by water
The power of the RS 19 high speed electric unicycle is unmatched for its form factor.

The MCM5v2 followed me on my most recent road trip on vacation. I have owned 3 small wheels (those with wheel diameters under 18 inches, and weighing less than 50lbs), and this is my favorite to date. I have about 50 miles on it and enjoy the higher torque–where torque is the power to climb hills and accelerate. But, again I’m not quite sure Begode thought about how they designed their pedals and magnets. After just 50 miles, their magnetic emblem logo is beaten and worn out.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - MCM5 v2 from gotway egg shaped euc
They call the MCM5v2 an “egg” shape for a reason. But, at its weight class, I can take this anywhere because of how small and easy it is to carry by the handle. By the way, it’s also a powerhouse for climbing hills and accelerating from a standstill.

Now, let’s talk about the EXN HT. This wheel had a small issue and really hasn’t been ridden much. The part came in recently to fix it, so we shall see. My personal issue besides build quality is weight, and my ability to get it in and out of the car by myself. At 72.8 lbs, the EXN is a heavy wheel. The specs state 60-65 lbs, but it’s really 72lbs out of the box.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - final set of electric unicycles collected performance speed torque and looks
The EXN HT is the farthest EUC on the left hand side. It’s a heavy electric unicycle, but one of the most powerful with excellent range.

Most every one who has ever touched an EXN HT can attest that it’s not the best in terms of build quality. Also, you have to do some sort of mental gymnastics to ride this EUC. I think once you get the hang of it though, it’s got the extra power to be quite fun.

Both the RS HS and EXN came with the CNC die cast pedals. I enjoy riding on the pedals, however the lack of magnets to keep them folded up when not riding, make these EUCs a bit frustrating to store away. This is also an annoyance especially when trying to get these EUCs in and out of the car. 

What is My Dream Electric Unicycle?

If I had a dream electric unicycle, it would be an EUC with a top range of 100-150 miles and an overall weight of 60 pounds. This would make taking the EUC in and out of my car, maneuvering it on trails, carrying it up stairs, etc.. much easier. The extra range would be great because range anxiety is always on your mind.

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - riding electric unicycles on trails bike trail bridge
Riding bike trails in my local area is always a good time.
Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - fairway road smooth for riding eucs long distance
In fact, bike trails are great for EUC riding!

The dream EUC should have a recharge time of 1 hour, and use swappable batteries so I don’t have to wait 3 hours before riding again if the battery runs out. Having an air suspension system that raises or lowers the pedals for me would be a plus because I am a different height than most people–read that as short.

I want a monowheel vehicle that is simple to operate and starts up quickly. It should have a decent kickstand that holds the wheel upright, and an overall build quality that can handle trail riding or going off curbs with ease.

An EUC ride I would love to do–my dream riding route–is the one Marty Backe is planning to do coast to coast across the US. I hope to do a ride just like that after retiring this year. 

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - East coast USA route for riding electric unicycles for touring and sightseeing
Bike trail route along the coast of the USA. Let’s do this!
Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - riding EUC self portrait on a bike trail daytime
Sunshine, good company, and a reliable fun EUC ride is the key to a good time, I think.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I have really enjoyed owning and riding these different electric unicycles! They each have their pros and cons. I hope to share more of my thoughts in future posts, perhaps covering how each of these electric unicycles operate from someone who isn’t so tech savvy. So stay tuned for that!

If you own an EUC or are looking to get one, what is your dream electric unicycle? What qualities are you looking for in an EUC? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading my article.

About the Author

Finding the Best Electric Unicycle: My Personal Journey - Linda Waterman on an EUC on a local bike trail CT

Linda Waterman is a personal electric vehicle (PEV) enthusiast. She resides in Connecticut, USA, with her family and loves to travel to fun places. Electric unicycles, motorcycles, and other non-conventional travel modes make her happy because she gets to ride them when nobody is looking! She loves reading about new transportation technology, and sharing her experiences and knowledge with others on social media and other forums. You can email Linda at [email protected] or find her on Facebook under her alias.

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